Expanding collection of services available to you.

Premium Monitors

Enjoy access to our ultra-fast Shopify, Mesh, Supreme and Nike monitors to help you catch any initial drop or restock.

One-On-One Support

With our team of veteran resellers, gain one-on-one support for any question you have when botting or going for a release.

Proxy Discount

Enjoy exclusive discounts on our sister company, Oculus Proxies, which offers fast and reliable proxies.

Early Links & Info

Want to hit that limited release? No problem. With access to early links, variants and information, worrying about how to hit a drop is a thing of the past.

Release Guides

Our staff thrives on making you aware of any and all profitable drops. Enjoy detailed and precise guides for all releases.

Oculus ACO

As a member of Oculus Alerts, you will receive free Auto-Checkout Slots on every single hyped drop. Never pay for slots again.

Oculus ACO

As a member of Oculus Alerts, you will receive free Auto-Checkout Slots on every single hyped drop. Never pay for slots again.

Lowkey Flips

Want other ways to make some cash? Look no further. With our lowkey flips and collectibles staff, you can earn some profit on much more than just sneakers and clothing.

More than just a sneaker group

Discover other profitable markets with reliable assistance from experienced staff.

Ticket Reselling

Price Errors / Coupons

Daily Fantasy Sports

4$ Per GB Resi

Discounted proxies exclusively for members

Free Alerts Auto-Checkout (Slots)

We provide free Auto Check-out to all of our members

Why pay for slots when we will do it completely for free? We will run your profiles on every drop free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are changing the cook group game and providing our members free proxies

How much is oculus alerts per month?

A membership to oculus alerts currently costs $40 a month. For this price, you will have access to top-of-the-notch monitors, early links and information, release guides, one-on-one support with our team of veteran resellers, exclusive discounts on Oculus Proxies.. all for just 40$ a month.

I am new to reselling. Is this group right for me?

Of course! Oculus Alerts is a great group for beginning resellers and those who have been part of the game alike. We will help guide any and all resellers new to the game to ensure you can start making a profit as soon as possible.

What other features does Oculus Alerts have other than sneaker reselling?

In addition to sneakers, Oculus Alerts thrives on ticket reselling, price errors, and collectibles, including funkos, art, and other limited items. There is a lot of money to be made in these fields, and you will not be disappointed with what our team has to offer.

What regions does Oculus Alerts support?

Oculus Alerts is open to people all across the world, including America, Europe, and Asia. We have staff from all major regions of the world to assist you with your reselling journey.

How can I join?

Activate notifications for our Twitter and Instagram as we will announce most of our restocks there

Can I cancel my membership?

Of course. You can unsubscribe from Oculus Alerts at any item by visiting our dashboard over at visit dashboard.


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